Is Chad From The Bachelorette Secretly Great Husband Material?

Considered this season’s villain, Chad could have been eliminated by Jojo at last week’s rose ceremony, but she didn’t. What gives? Let’s take a look at why Chad might actually be awesome marriage material:

He’s a business, man.


Johnson is a luxury real estate agent. He’s also quite the strategist. In fact, he bought domain names of several of his fellow contestants on the show, telling the Daily Dot that he’s a veteran domain flipper who owns hundreds of websites for rerouting to his own stuff. “Haha yes! I bought the domain names,” he wrote, explaining “that’s business!” and “it’s hilarious!”

He’s a family man.

His mom lost her battle to cancer several years ago. “I still miss her everyday,” Chad said. “She was my best friend and the person I told everything to.”

He has a cute dog.

He’s a former Marine.

He might be a feminist.

Chad raised some important issues about the show in the last episode. He claimed the other contestants were objectifying Jojo by saying they “loved” her when all they had done so far is look at her beauty.

We don’t know enough about him yet, but that was definitely a step in the right direction.

…Did we mention he’s in amazing shape?

What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, yeah. The fact that he is a complete tool. Sigh….

But is he tool enough to ruin all the good stuff about him? I’m sure we’ll find out. We’re glad he at least made it to the next round.

— Jordan Goodwin, CTO and Bubba Fish, founder of Showgo

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