In December of 2019 Harry’s held its annual Hackathon. The two-day event has become a much-adored tradition that enables us to live some of Harry’s values including Look Left to Find Right, Improve Always, and All In All Together. As a new Harry’s employee and first time Hackathon coordinator (at any company) I was determined to make it a fun event. Here is how I went about it and what I learned from hosting it.


Planning a Hackathon, even for a relatively small team, is not a one-person job. While it’s not a full-time job, there’s enough things to do…

I live in the Northeast and, therefore, my opportunities to practice or play golf outside from January through March are fleeting. Luckily, practicing in your own home is easy and can be extremely worthwhile.

Freed from hitting real shots and worrying about where the ball is going, it is the perfect time to work on your fundamentals. There are all sorts of drills you can complete without a club or any other fancy swing aid. Indoor practice will enable you to focus on your setup, your posture, and your weight distribution amongst other things.

Although there are a million, free…

Like many of us, I embarked on a dry January in 2020. After contemplating it many times before I finally decided to go for it after too many holiday parties and too many holiday stresses. Early in the month, it was a challenge. I found myself surprised how long a month really lasts, but as the month progressed, it got easier and easier and I felt better and better.

The most surprising thing to me about dry January has been discovering that I had more time. I never felt like drinking consumed my time because I primarily drink at home…


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