Check your spam folder

Did someone recently tell you they did not get your email? Did someone recently say they sent an email, but you never saw it? It’s probably in the spam email filter folder. (Or, often called ‘junk’ or ‘junk’ email,) Everyone who ever sends or receives an email needs to begin a regular routine of looking at their spam folder. Do it now.

The spam filters on ISP gateways have become very sophisticated. They are all fed by a dozen black hole services all over the web engaged in daily, hourly identification of spam. An army of anti-spam volunteers report their spam to Spamcop and a handful of other analysis engines that validate the traffic and tag spammers. I know. I’ve been an agent since 1997, and have reported tens-of-thousands of authentic spam.

The spam filtering applications have gotten so tight they may be trapping you or email you get from trusted sources!

Spam filters are flagging any number of hundreds of words and word combinations in relationship with other factors found in email. The good news is, they’ve become very good at hiding spam from the general email user. The bad news is we’re beginning to see as many as 20% false positives. That’s when a perfectly valid, innocent email gets flagged as spam and sent to the spam folder. In most cases, you won’t see it. That email data is then used to flag future email. So, it’s feasible that your valid communications with family members or trusted entities become tagged as spam and withheld from you. Then, that email or email address is circulated to the other spam lists and they start blocking it as well.


See if you’ve got good mail mixed with the spam. If it’s not spam, and a trusted email, then mark it so, and add it to your “white list.” (All email packages have a whitelisting function.) IF you find your email address or domain has been flagged, then it’s up to YOU to clear that name. They will not do it for you, and you may find yourself marked as a spammer.

Do yourself, and your contacts a favor. LOOK IN YOUR SPAM FILTER FOLDER!

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