The Button Under His Desk
Mimi Kramer

Could someone please invent a sexual harassment app?

Yes, it would probably go viral. Like Angry Birds.

The app would probably have an AI function to ‘auto correct’… because as discussions continue and expand, the assumption of guilt becomes automatic. Or maybe have fact checking built in. Let it hook into Snopes and get the facts. Or crowdsource it. Ask a billion Facebook users if this is true. So, there would be a function that automatically highlights wording that declares guilt and defames without any evidence. Sort of like a grammar checker. It will stay connected to Medium and Facebook and score points to decide a verdict. Then once proven, the entry is locked.

Oh, and it would have entry fields for actual admissible evidence. Or if there is no evidence beyond hearsay, the post would be archived to fiction or put into holding for a writ of discovery. Once proven guilty, there would be a “punishment” function. Was he jailed, executed or just publicly assassinated in the media and online? Yes, and it would disallow any claims or stories about women who have acted inappropriately. In fact, it would disallow anything that is not currently politically correct. Sentences would automatically be completed with “it was Bush’s fault” … no wait … “it was Trump’s fault.”

Even in excellent online articles the assumption of guilt seems to come long before any admissible proof. Were you there? No, but the son-of-a-bitch is guilty! I know it!

However, if you are in America, those accused of wrong doings are supposed to be assumed innocent until proven guilty. Because we’ve learned that even with good intentions, if enough people tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth. Like those WMDs that were later found, then covered up.

I’m one of those guys who votes to hang those who have done such awful things! It’s unbelievable the evil things people can do. Let’s hang them and get them OFF our tax dollars — but ONLY after being proven of guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Some people might think it incredibly ironic that a low-life criminal who intentionally kills people with an automobile — on video in front of hundreds of witnesses — is not immediately executed, but then someone claims something happened 35 years ago and executes a person, their career and their family just by saying so? Is there anyone left out there who also thinks there is something wrong with that picture?

One thing we do know. Publishing that “he” is a scumbag or, a button in his desk is proof of a crime or any of the other defamatory language we see being used without proof is also a crime. How do I know there’s a button. Have you seen it? Used it? It’s shocking how many professional journalists are pandering to this hysteria for viewers and clicks. Just turn on any evening news or Sunday morning news show and one wonders if there was any journalism training at all. The networks put themselves at risk for allowing their talking heads to conduct such damaging slander — it’s amazing.

People’s behavior shocks me quite often. However, I’m also shocked that some of these really nasty slander and character assassinations haven’t been met with law suits. Maybe they will. I hope they will.

Well, you know what? Welcome to our world

YES — correct. The new world of TRIAL BY THE MEDIA and GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! Execution by slander. Welcome to our world. We no longer need courtrooms, or judges or juries or lethal injections or even laws — it’s all trial by media, and the judge and jury are on Facebook, and now Medium. Mob rule, hate du jour.

>> Because these stories are going to keep coming

You betcha they’ll keep coming and coming —so long as there are millions of jurors out there to share and click and tell their own stories, you betcha!

C’mon … grab the torches and pitchforks . . .

“lynch those bastards! We don’t need no evidence — they’re scumbags, all of them, whether they’re guilty of anything or not — they’re all scumbags!”

Then meet up later to celebrate and congratulate each other for being so wise and brave and strong.

Yep, that app is going to be epic!