Did Facebook flag the Constitution as hate speech?

IN SCREENS WE TRUST. Facebook doesn’t want you to know that they really aren’t paying attention, and really don’t care. Isn’t it curious how everyone has come to believe anything they see on a screen. Whether it’s an iPhone or a laptop, GPS navigation, TV, or the departures monitor at the airport, people believe they’re seeing the truth.

Somewhere in paragraphs 27–31 of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson wrote something that Facebook finds offensive. Facebook issued a notice saying that the post “goes against our standards on hate speech.” Facebook’s notice then required the removal of anything that does not comply with Facebook’s policies.

Lame. It seems that Facebook sent a canned response, not citing the problem. They required the Facebook page owner to plow through Facebook’s copious labyrinth of “policy” which never really states what does not “comply” other than vague generalities.

This is a problem in today’s society.

Commercial entities have become so entrenched in technology they have managed to move all forms of responsibility to the consumer’s dime. Facebook should have cited the specific words of the offense. They didn’t do that because they had no idea what the words were. They only saw an alert that the giant computer had found something, and automatically issued a canned demand. No human intervention. Period.

Of course they get away with it saying “The post was removed by mistake and restored as soon as we looked into it. We process millions of reports each week, and sometimes we get things wrong.” But we know the post was not removed by mistake.

(Actually what they meant to say was : “We can do anything we want, and do. We have automated it so it takes absolutely no effort on our part whatsoever. It’s all on you. No matter what we do, when we do it or who we do it to, we will continue to do it until you do something about it.”)

What’s my point?

How did we get to the point where Facebook trumps The Constitution of the United States of America? How did we reach the point that the tech companies can get away with anything that doesn’t get challenged?

Answer: when we turned our lives over to the screen. “In Screen We Trust” — which in itself can lead you down to some very dark places.

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