Media butted out, so nothing happened

Interesting how I preached and preached back in the days of the rioting against Confederate Monuments … saying :

“If it weren’t for the Media, nothing would have happened”


“That girl’s death is the Media’s fault!”

Everybody laughed at me.

I said,

what would happen if nothing was publicized by the media, and nobody showed up except the demonstrators, nothing, right?

Well, over the weekend there was ANOTHER White Supremacy demonstration in the very same Charlottesville park.

Guess what, this time, there was no media coverage. No flakes on social media. No hype.

Nothing happened. Zero. Ziltch. Nada. Nobody hurt. No banners. No tear gas. No guns. No ugly chants or fat women carrying signs. Just nothing. Plain nothing. Without the media’s “Hate du Jour” nothing bad happens. And, it’s bad for business … the media missed it while focused on guns and Las Vegas hate-clickbait.

So I was right all along.

You’re welcome.


Just one of the memes I created for Facebook when the Charlottesville event took place. Facebook removed it.

Yes, I give you permission to share either of these memes


Thanks for reading.

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