Medium’s Hate du Jour for today

Good morning! We wake up on Sunday morning to yet another hate du jour from Medium. Somehow this person/team’s articles always show up at the top of the Medium news feed. Probably because hate du jour is so popular. People love to read hate.

Is this how Russian Bots or Chinese Trolls work?

Perhaps you saw my previous article “What’s the monetary motive for hate?” … we took a look and tried to figure out the financial motive for such a continual barrage of hate, accusations, click bait and misinformation. I found nothing credible in the first visual gulp. This is like fantasy because it’s 100% dreamed up opinion, or intentional hate spread by Chinese or Russian trolls.

  1. It’s not a “Capitalist utopia”
  2. Has NOT “became everyone else’s dystopia”
  3. American elites have NOT ruined their society
  4. The chart is false. It’s NOT American collapse in four lines.
  5. American elites have NOT mismanaged their economy

I stopped there. There’s no proof beyond opinion to any of these. These myths are the delusions of some person/entity who really knows nothing about America, or is intentionally attempting to create unrest in people who really know nothing about America. Does this suggest that the proven profiles of hate typically spread by Russian or Chinese bots really are true?

Since there are tens of thousands of people out there who are following this crap, they must be finding something fulfilling in their lives. I don’t believe he/she/they could actually prove any of that if his/her/their life depended on it.

Hate du jour is pernicious journalism. It serves no purpose, other than the agendas of hate mongers, Russian trolls, or Chinese netizens. And it’s been proven that a continual stream of hate is not good for anyone! Do away with it, and please stop showing up in my feed!

‘Nuff said.

Nobody likes to hear the answers to questions I’ve been asking online since 1984