What the web looks like without JavaScript
Quincy Larson

Thank you for this article. Finally.

Thanks for pointing out how nicely Wikipedia is designed and implemented. It’s important to understand that the original intention for the web is Wikipedia, not ecommerce. Greed does horrible things to people.

I come from the days when your web page sucks if it’s over 150K and …

“You know your web site sucks if it doesn’t load in 7 seconds”

I’m noticing now that most web sites NEVER LOAD. The spinning indicator keeps on spinning. This page in Medium hasn’t stopped loading yet. Load a page in Forbes and watch the progress bar. It NEVER ends loading, because it’s continually swapping out spam.

Bitch and moan about Net Neutrality, but ignore bandwidth theft?

The size of web pages these days is criminal. I’ve seen upward to four meg pages — and those developers ignore the fact that I’m paying for it, NOT them. I think if a page runs over about 400K, then the owner should pay the reader a few coins to recoup their costs. It actually costs you to read that New York Times article, and you don’t realize it.

People no longer worry about optimizing their graphics at all. Since Mobilegeddon* sites have made their graphics HUGE so they show on the largest monitors. But the cost in bandwidth is staggering.

“You know your web site sucks if anything moves”

Ha, ha, ha, how about that !!! There’s a video playing silently right now in the upper right hand corner of this Medium window right now. Since the advent of cheap or free WordPress templates, everyone seems to be using the same one — where EVERYTHING moves ! The header scrolls; the content pushes another header, then becomes transparent, then moves up to make room for more content, then and then and then and then . . . I feel sea sick from looking at some of these “mobile” sites … like I’m going to puke.

Then there are the ‘replacement’ sites … with so much spam jumping on the screen, then scrolling, then replacing another video spam, then following down the page, covering the content as you scroll — or try to read. Thank god for Firefox Reader Mode!

Don’t get me started. Thanks for your article, I hope millions of people read it . . . specially those jackle-headed web designers who have to put everything in the universe on a single web page.

I’d like you to visit my site without Java.


Thanks for reading. Good day!

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*Mobilegeddon : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobilegeddon

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