This pill will change humanity and this fake news will steal your identity

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Fake news is now criminalized and you’re the victim!

Do you really think Steven Hawking ever was involved with this drug cartel? Do you really think Jon Stewart or Anderson Cooper would involve themselves in such a scam? We’re following this cyber crime cartel for over a year— each time we report them and close their web site, within hours they’re back at a different host, different web site, different pitch, same results : capture your identity!

RESIST the urge! This is fake news and it will get you in trouble.

History has proven people click on clickbait and fake news. This cyber crime cartel spoofs celebrities, TV shows, TV channels, road signs, current news issues, and any other topic that will compel you to click. They use the same techniques of domain masking, IP Address Spoofing, and multiple redirect links; the same techniques used by the mob and terrorist organizations.

Other current events or news stories to watch out for are :

  • Dr. Oz, Fox News
  • Walmart (gift cards or surveys)
  • Forbes Magazine, Stephen Hawking
  • Women’s Day Magazine
  • Megyn Kelly, Fox News

BEWARE of email that looks too good to be true…

If you get such email, do not click it. Delete it or forward it to your service provider, Knujon or Please SHARE this post, or just share the graphic above as a stand-alone — the identity you save may be a friend, family member, loved one, or your own! Do NOT let the clickbait mentality trap you.

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