ShowMeBiz Token Sale Terms

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The date is set. The ShowMeBiz public token sale will start on Jan 20th.
Our project has created a lot benefits for every participants of Exhibition Industry. There are more than 31 000 worldwide Trade Shows on our platform. Soon everyone can visit any Expo without been there and get valuable information. Live broadcasting and VR technology let to do this.

The next step is to develop Virtual Expo Center based on Blockchain technologies and let everyone become a co-owner of this.

We issue tokens ExpoCoin, each of it backed by virtual square meters, called ExpoBlock.

ExpoCoin (EXPO): Utility Token

Expanded goals after start of ICO: Impossible

Technical Token number limitation: 300 000 000

1 stage of ICO Token number: 39 900

1 EXPO price is: 1,25 USD

Bonuses for speed in the ICO period

  • ExpoBlock — a unit of virtual space (see Section 9.4 in White Paper).
  • Total amount: 300 000 000
  • ExpoBlock accrues to each holder of ExpoCoin immediately after completion of all stages of ICO in the ratio of 1:1.
  • All ExpoBlock holders are co-owners of the Virtual Exhibition Centre and receive 80% of the profit each month.
  • Companies rent ExpoBlock to promote their activities.
  • The functionality of one ExpoBlock for tenant companies is limited: 1 picture, 1 video, 200 characters in description.
  • The more ExpoBlock, the more passive income!

Bonuses for VIP packages holders

A VIP-package is the purchase of ExpoCoin tokens for $10 000 or more worth

Advantages of the VIP package : All unsold tokens are distributed among VIP investors in % ratio of ExpoCoin amount.

Allocations are set only twice: at the end of the ICO and at the end of the 3rd stage of the ICO.

There is a cumulative program in place whereby during all stages of ICO, the number of tokens is summed up and by the time of completion the 3rd stage of the ICO in the presence of all ExpoCoin is awarded ExpoBlock 1:1

Quantity between VIP package holders only

If you are our real and authentic fan, and you missed the whitelist deadline but you are very interested in participation, we still can accommodate you.

After March 1st you can get subscribed to the whitelist only by the POF (Proof-Of-Fan) model. In POF, before submitting your whitelist registration, you’ll have to publish a video or a blog promoting ShowMeBiz and send us the link for manual evaluation.