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Fourth Update: We Crossed 500 Users!

To our valued readers:

We hope you are your families are doing well. We are back with another update for you all, and we are always open to any feedback you have for us. Thank you for believing in ShowNxt, thank you for supporting us with your constant feedback, and thank you for riding along on our mission of spreading passion and equal opportunity!

In April, we rolled out our video-sharing social media application for beta testing to users. It has been 3 months, and we are proud to announce that our community now has 500 USERS! These users include 450+ soccer players from more than 25 states across the US, and over 20 coaches from colleges like MIT, Northeastern, Boston College, University of Michigan, Babson, and many others.

At the time of our last update (July 1, 2020), we had around 350 users on the ShowNxt app. According to our growth chart, we were on track to hit the 500 mark only towards the end of August. We are grateful for all the people who have signed up with us. This is what keeps us going- the support that we receive from everyone is truly incredible.

We have also added lots of new features to the app! Users can easily search for other users as well as videos by looking up the titles. Upload speed for videos has fastened, and the app has become much smoother overall. Multiple bugs have been taken care of, and the engagement rate on videos has gone up significantly.

We have 2 exciting announcements to make. The first is that we have finalized an OUTSOURCING agreement with a company called Hie HQ who will be helping us improve the app. Multiple recruiting restrictions in the US are pressing athletes to look for virtual solutions, and this is an opportunity for us to get the best hands on deck so that we can accelerate production.

The second announcement is that we have formed two exciting partnerships — one with AINSCOUGH SOCCER, a platform that provides services to athletes both on-field (individual or small group training) and off-field (advising, player evaluations, video assistance, etc), and another with English Freestyler Stephen Gray!

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A look at our partners: Student Athlete Success, Ainscough Soccer, and Stephen Gray

All of us are living in a world which we are not used to; times have indeed been tough. However, just like the two sides of a coin, ShowNxt has seen rapid growth that probably would not have happened since the team would have been engaged in their different commitments. We are college students, so understandably, we would probably have been enrolled in classes or be interning somewhere. All of us are praying for the world to recover, and we at ShowNxt fully believe that medical experts from all over the globe will make that happen soon.

Lastly, we would like to inform you that our founder and CEO, Lucas Espada, will be taking his classes in San Francisco this upcoming fall. If you have any connections in the Silicon Valley area, who you believe will be interested in working with ShowNxt in any form, please let us know via email.

For ATHLETES interested in using our application, kindly head over to this link to sign up.

For COACHES interested in using our application, kindly head over to this link to sign up.

Thank you,

Adit Agarwal

Chief Marketing Officer, ShowNxt


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