Second Update: May 13th, 2020

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To our valued users:

YOU make it possible for us to do what we do. That’s why we want to do the best we can for you as well. The amount of support and progress that we have made in recent weeks have been both exciting and motivating. With the first round of beta users on the app, we have been taking your feedback and using it to improve our product. We have been working extremely hard on our product so that it is both functional and visually appealing!

Since our first beta launch, we have added improvements in the first two weeks of updates. These include visual updates on the general design of the application as well as functional changes. With every update we aim to improve the capabilities of our platform from simple interactions to never before seen features! Our Development Team has been hard at work building this app from scratch and we are only getting better from here.

In addition to app updates, as a team, we have progressed as well. We are extremely happy to announce that we have been accepted into the Go Stage of IDEA: Northeastern University’s Venture Accelerator! This opportunity has granted us a great number of resources, one of which includes $30,000 in Gap Funding! With this milestone, we have been connected with the Venture Mentoring Network, and we will soon have an experienced mentor to help us move even further along on this journey! We want to use this chance to continue to improve ShowNxt and help you aspiring college soccer players to achieve your dreams.

Not only that, but we have also added two new members to our team who are incredibly passionate about what they do. Lynne Khouri has joined us as Head of Design to help develop our brand image and Rohil Javeri has joined our Development Team to assist in the continuous buildout of our product.

Further, as some of you may have noticed, we have begun building out our social media presence as well! On Instagram, we are seeing hundreds of users viewing our posts, and, on Joaquin Rodriguez’ Top Bins Volley, we amassed over 1,000 views. This demonstrates to us that you guys are interested in this content and we will keep pushing to create a consolidated platform for your viewing pleasures!

Last but not least, it is with great excitement that I announce that we will be accepting our second round of users on May 13th, 2020! With our first round of users containing elite high school soccer players from Match Fit Academy and college coaches from MIT, Northeastern University, Montclair State, Occidental College, and Claremont McKenna, we can’t wait to introduce them to our second round.

Please stay posted for our next article as we have many projects currently in the works with more news to come!

Best Regards,

Joe Chou

— — — — — — — —

Joseph Chou

Chief Operations Officer


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