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To our valued readers:

We hope you are your families are doing well. We are back with another update for you all, and we are always open to any feedback you have for us. Thank you for believing in ShowNxt, thank you for supporting us with your constant feedback, and thank you for riding along on our mission of spreading passion and equal opportunity!

In April, we rolled out our video-sharing social media application for beta testing to users. It has been 3 months, and we are proud to announce that our community now has 500 USERS! These users include 450+ soccer players from more than 25 states across the US, and over 20 coaches from colleges like MIT, Northeastern, Boston College, University of Michigan, Babson, and many others. …

To our valued users:

Over the past 2 months with the second round of beta users on the app, we have been taking your FEEDBACK and using it to improve our product.

Since our second beta launch, we have not only added improvements but also gone through a major OVERHAUL of our app development on June 10th. These include visual updates on the general design of the application as well as functional changes. We have managed to implement common social media functions such as follow button and search bar to increase our user-friendliness.

In addition to app updates, our user growth has progressed as well. Whereas we ended last user wave with a total of 27 users, we are extremely happy to announce that as of this morning, ShowNxt has a total of 350 spanning over 10 states athletes on the platform and are continuing to grow at a rate of 21% week over week! Within the process, we have also caught the attention of 8 national players and 24 MLS Academy Players within a short span of a month. With this milestone, we have also successfully connected with three college coaches in the past week, adding to the tally of 16 college partnerships so far — including MIT, Boston College, UMich, and UMass Lowell. We want to use this chance to continue to improve ShowNxt and help you aspiring college soccer players achieve your dreams. …

To our valued users:

YOU make it possible for us to do what we do. That’s why we want to do the best we can for you as well. The amount of support and progress that we have made in recent weeks have been both exciting and motivating. With the first round of beta users on the app, we have been taking your feedback and using it to improve our product. We have been working extremely hard on our product so that it is both functional and visually appealing!

Since our first beta launch, we have added improvements in the first two weeks of updates. These include visual updates on the general design of the application as well as functional changes. With every update we aim to improve the capabilities of our platform from simple interactions to never before seen features! Our Development Team has been hard at work building this app from scratch and we are only getting better from here. …

To our valued users:

THANK YOU for the support you have given ShowNxt over the past year. Since our humble beginnings as CAPTIV trying to shake up the world of high school athletics, many of you have stuck with us through our highs and lows and various levels of activity/inactivity. After months of bouncing ideas off of each other and discussion, we are excited to announce that we have a clear plan in mind that will allow us to achieve the goal we have had since our creation: to empower those who want to live their fullest lives through their passions. …



A video-sharing app turning passion into opportunity. For athletes and coaches to share their experiences with the world.

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