From 2021 to 2022: Witnessing the Start of Web3 Era with Show Team

2021 is an excellent year for the Show team to overcome difficulties, and this precious day is inseparable from the support and trust of all MetaID users. We have made these achievements in the past year:

1.ShowApp has been upgraded to version 2.0, and Show platform has officially become the Web3.0 social entrance of MetaNet;

2. Launched the first Utility NFT on MetaID, leading to the development wave of Utility NFT;

3. Initiated IRO (Initial Rights Offering) and successfully carried out Profit Rights NFT projects of Dato bird, MetaElfLand, and Webot;

4. Start the Referral Mining to lay a foundation for the rapid growth of MetaID users in the future;


There are many other achievements to review with you:


MetaID101 has been officially released, providing the study platform for MetaID developers.


The ShowApp iOS version has been available for download on the App Store.


Commemorative NFT for MetaCoin Genesis Block was given away to users. MetaID browser is released.


DotWallet supports MetaID, and ShowBuzz can be used smoothly in DotWallet. The interoperability of MetaID applications is realized.


MetaID data increased rapidly, BSV mainnet generated 2G blocks.


The beta version of NFTonShow, a MetaID-based NFT market, was launched. The NFT minting and listing, trading, and unlisting on the market use Sensible Smart contracts. It can be interoperable with other Sensible NFT markets that will come online later.


The first Utility NFT on MetaNet, 1st-Gen MetaBot NFT avatar, has been officially released at NFTonShow. The auction Volume of rare bots was over $100,000.


The 2nd-Gen MetaBot NFT Remint Hype started. As long as you have two MetaBots (including at least one 1st-Gen MetaBot), you can combine them and remint into a new NFT. The number of minting for the 2nd-Gen MetaBot is limited to 10% of the total MetaIDs.


The search engine on MetaNet, MetaSpotlight, was launched. It would be the Google on Blockchain.


MetaID allowed video on-chain. Metanet has reached the early level of the Internet in data size.


MetaID’s first Profit Rights NFT “Dato Bird” was launched, and users who hold this NFT can get dividends every day.


ShowTalk new function: NFT entry to group chat. NFT was again used in the social media context.


ShowBuzz added the feature of Promotion on Top, PaidBuzz, and minting PaidBuzz into NFT.


The first large-scale game based on MetaID, “MetaElfLand” Profit Right NFT, started the public offering. 300 NFTs were sold out within 10 minutes, and the ROI increased by approximately 80.9% in 4 days.


NFTonShow added the NFT sorting function: sorting by time, price, and serial number. The founder Sunny Fung sold his first PaidBuzz NFT at 1.2BSV, and it was also the first successful traded content NFT of MetaID.


Webot’s 2022 annual revenue NFT was on sale. 250 NFTs were sold out within 14 minutes with a total volume of 250BSV, of which ROI increased by about 53% in 3 days.


ShowApp 2.0 was officially launched with a new logo, the non-certified zone of the App Center (third-party apps can list without permission), and the facial/fingerprint payment function is online.


ShowMoment Officially Launched. It’s a place to store your precious memories on chain forever.


The ShowFuture Foundation has released a Showcoin White Paper and the Show Platform Future Planning.


The TX number on MetaID exceeds 5 Million.


The Referral Mining was officially started on the MetaBlock 272, and 700+ MetaID users were newly added to this Block height.


MetaID users number exceeded 20,000. The Show browser has been released, allowing users to view various data of the Show platform in real-time.

“Popularize Blockchain technology to 7 billion people, and let Blockchain technology bring a more efficient and beautiful society” is the mission of the Show team. In the upcoming 2022, we will strive to let everyday users enter the Show platform and experience the future of Web3, Dao, and SocialFi.




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