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Photo by Elena Loshina on Unsplash

Lazy loading is one of those topics which never gets old, I first saw them back in jQuery days. Anyway as javascript advances and new paradigms and frameworks are introduced we must of course update our new way of doing old things.

So a while back ago I was looking for a solution to implement lazy loading images in React. First thing I came across was the react-lazyload package. …

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how data flows in a React-Redux application

There are many react-redux guides out there, i mean so many. when I started learning React and Later Redux, I really was surprised by how many good articles there were to learn from. but something I couldn’t find was the whole picture in front of my eyes, just like a map when you look at it and you know where are you going.

Neither React nor Redux are difficult frameworks to learn, at all. the only thing you need to know is Javascript. So let’s get to business, what is this picture all about? simply put, it’s about how data…

Shoya Moosavi

Developer in Berlin, like javascript, playing with algorithms 𝚯, photography 📷, novels 📖

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