Recently I am a bit too depressed. Guess What? I am in the 12th standard and I’ve got hardly 6 months left in school. I cry every night when I think about that day…the day when I will wake up in the morning and will not wear my brown and cream school uniform. Does that mean no more sitting in Garfield sir’s Office and talk about upcoming quizzes to participate in,chatting endlessly and doing all sorts of mischief in Moitrayee miss’ class,discussing career options with Ruma miss,collecting names for various house activities,listening intently in history class,cheering our houses,chatting with friends and munching on snacks sneakily between classes? I think it does mean that.
If on any normal day before 11th standard someone would have asked me what does your school mean to you, I would have said that I want to leave it as soon as I possible. But now,when I am in verge of graduating from high School, I would like to say that I was wrong,indeed very wrong.
I was just a clod of clay when I came to school. My second parents have put into their best effort to mould me into a beautiful pot which I guess is just ready for sale. All this years I was so eager to get out of school but now I realize that I was shaded by a huge oak tree against the harsh Sun with my beloved teachers as its branches. Now the tree is slowly being cut off and I am clinging desperately for some more time. Believe me or not, I would trade anything for some extra time. I can already feel the bright sunlight getting better of me.
I am more indebted to you,my guiding angels than you can ever imagine. Though I may be just one of those hundreds of students who have passed out of this institution,but I will miss you all.
I just wanna ask one question;for years you all have put up with my tantrums no matter what I did and suddenly I have become so bad that you are kicking me out? Nevertheless I thank you for the good time. But seriously,I don’t wanna go,really.
Feelings are flooding me and making me sentimental. Thank you for bestowing the responsibility of the school vice captain on me. I hope I could put up to your expectations. Thank you for letting this speechless idiot make a speech.
From the Vice Captain of JDSK(2017–2018)