Hi everyone..

By everyone I mean eeveryone who is reading this or not reading this. This is my first attempt in writing a blog so if I write something wrong don’t criticise me or be judgemental.
Today I want to write about myself…to expose who I am and what I am.
If anyone asks me to judge myself I will say that I am a fairly good person. I am compassionate and caring and a bit emotional. My parents or any of my elders never need to hit me,I cry when chided once. I respect my superiors and I adore my teachers. I must say that I am earnestly thankful to my school and my teachers who always strived to bring out the best in me and encouraged me all throughout. I am what I am because of them.
I don’t know really what I want from myself. Sometimes I really do irresponsible things which anger me and others. I really want to perfect myself at least in this part,but I really can’t figure out how to do it.

Sorry folks,I really gotta go somewhere…till then , to be continued.

“The Confessions Of A Lonely Girl”