Hey I am back again.
As I write this I feel kind of stupid…I mean who would like to know about of me,who is smaller than the smallest atom of a microbe or even not that in this vast infinite universe?
But still I needed to tell someone;atleast someone to hear me out. I am a judgemental person,and I judge a person very easily based on his/her mentality,beliefs,choices,etc.I would like to say that no person I have met hasn’t been judged by me. And when I find out that I was so so wrong…I regret it for the rest of my life.
I am stuck between wanting and not wanting popularity. I am not that kind of person bragging about my achievements no matter what I may have done,but I sometimes find that it is required to find a place in this world.
Also…why do people quarrel so much?Does it do any Good?We should always sort out our misunderstandings,at least with the people you love. I think it make the world a better and peaceful place.
I think I should right about quarrels sometime. Till then…toodles!
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