Known and Revealed

“Now Samuel did not yet know the LORD, and the word of the LORD had not yet been revealed to him.” (1 Samuel 3:7 ESV)

Samuel was chosen to be the prophet that would judge and lead God’s people, Israel. He would be used by God to select Saul, the first king and then David, the truer king. But it took time for this purpose to play out, for Samuel to hear his call and to meet God.

God’s plan was not thwarted and Samuel does take his place of influence. He plays a role in laying the foundation for a soon coming king that would reign forever. But in chapter three he did not yet know the Lord.

I think this account of Samuel can encourage us in two ways today. First, there are many that have been claimed by Christ, that are meant for relationship with him, that are yet to know him. This is encouraging because there is opportunity to share the goodness of Jesus and his grace with everyone that has a pulse. God knows, maybe we are the instruments he has determined to reveal himself through. So be encouraged, that image bearer near you may be purposed for relationship and eternity with Jesus.

The second piece of encouragement is for you personally. In Christ you know the Lord, and he has been fully revealed to you through his Word. There is no mysterious voices in the night you need to wait for. At this very moment you are united with Christ in faith, living in the purpose he has given you and free to follow him.

This is the grand adventure of life and he has invited you into the writing. Breathe deep today. Run after wonder and cherish being known fully by God and still loved with a celebratory love because you are in Christ.

This is all really good news. I dare you to tell someone today!

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