Four Interactive Games For Your Dog

Dogs love to play and engage in various outdoor and indoor sports. A healthy mental stimulation is necessary for your dog’s overall development. While a regular walk offers a routine and allows you to bond with your dog, an interactive game ensures a challenging time to make them happy and interested. There are loads of outdoor as well as indoor games that you can play with your pooch to keep him active and engaged.

There are different kinds of play sessions for your dog and here are some tried and tested ways to have loads of interactive fun with your pooch:

1. Excite the nose with hidden treats — A dog’s nose is capable of sniffing a Dogs love games where they are rewarded with love and treats afterwards. Stimulating your dog’s nose by hiding treats under boxes, containers or other places and then encouraging your dog to look for them can be a great interactive game. To make things more interesting, try using interactive toys designed for a game of fetch or ones with hidden compartments that can be stuffed with treats.

2. Tug Of War (In Moderation) — Tug of wars are one of the best ways to stimulate your dog mentally and keep him active and agile for hours. There are loads of ropes and tug toys available that are great for a playful time with your pooch. However, be careful that this game can get aggressive and should be played with discretion depending on your dog’s training and breed.

3. Name Game — This can be a really good game if your pooch has a number of toys and your dog remembers each of his toys name. It is also a great way to enhance your dog’s vocabulary by repeating a toy and prompting your dog to fetch it to you. Once your dog has become accustomed to the toy names, start by hiding all of his toys and prompt your pooch to find the toy by repeating the toy’s name again and again. Reward your dog with treats and praises every time he brings the correct toy. This could take a while but once your dog gets the hang of it, this could be a very enjoyable game. You can find loads of plush toys, fetch toys and squeaker toys online.

Use your imagination — While an interactive toy does help you to enhance play time, it should not be the only tool of stimulating mental exercise for your pooch. You can always use a clean wash cloth and make a toy of your own to play. Use old clean socks and stuff them with tennis balls and give it to your dog to have loads of fun. Dogs love to explore and hidden things stimulate them to engage.