Someone asked me, “If you could go back, and talk to your younger self what would you say ?

That was a heavy question. It never occurred to me before. But in a while, my thoughts started processing, and I knew what I wish, someone would have said to me, when I stepped out in the World.

0. Stop worrying so much – Many of us spend weeks, months or sometimes years panicking over the same issues ! But in the process, we don’t realise that they resolve naturally, or end up only having been issues we made up. Do you remember the last time you were worried about something and thought that you wouldn’t get over it ? But, you did very well :) You shall pass each and every bad phase :) :) Don’t stress over it…!!

0. Nothing is Failure – It is noisy and chaotic world out there, and for some reason, people want to see you fail. But that is their problem, not your problem. There is no thing called Failure. It is all in your mind. Don’t you always learn something very valuable, from your mistakes ? Those mistakes make you matured and a stronger individual. If something doesn’t workout for you, its just not suppose to work out that way, because something better is going to come along !

0. Its Okay – If someone doesn’t like you, its Okay ! Each and everyone is not going to love you. Go find somebody who appreciates what you have to offer. Who appreciates and loves the way you are :)

0. Trust yourself – You are your best company. Always trust yourself. You love yourself the most, so there is no way you will do anything wrong to yourself. Afterall, Self Confidence is the key to Success !

0. Make the effort – If you are alone, you won’t always be, unless you don’t make any effort otherwise.

0. Go find your Joy – Its totally dependent on you to have a good day or a great day. At the end of your life, you are not going to remember your worries or failures, its the Joy that will stay with you forever !

0. Lastly, Don’t let your self-esteems stop your dreams. Walk out in the World with Pride :) You’ve survived everything life has thrown at you, and some of it has been really, really tough. You deserve a lot of respect, especially from yourself :) Keep encouraging yourself, even when others don’t !!

I wish I live in such a way, that someday I won’t have to wish, I could tell my younger self anything !!!!!

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