hot soup for the teenage high school mutant soul

on account of the results of high school examination being released and the wild rush of college admissions that i have had the privilege to sass off as been-there-done-that; here’s why you shouldn’t care more about it than what it’s worth, which is only securing a college admission to bide your time.

a brief list of everything that high school has not done to make you a well rounded person:

1. lack of any sense of environmentalism, climate change catastrophe preparedness or general awareness on life and living.

2. high school scores do not indicate how dysfunctional you are going to be in relationships. sure it gets you educated up to filling out columns in linkedin and tinder/grindr, but it never tells you what do after all that love happens; the nitty gritties and what you do with love in everyday life still beats me.

3. destroys romantic idealism and any possible intersection of science with arts.

4. largely fosters a false sense of belief that you are objective and a strong individual who is going to face adult life with gumption and freewill. years and a couple of unpaid bills later you would realize it was all a lie.

5. is the beginning of the endless series of disappointments that most of your family will now be preoccupied with deliberating in those gatherings we all could live without.

6. may become a trauma trigger for the weak hearted and pea-brained.

7. waste of good shelf space, brown paper wrapping covers and illusions of handwriting improvement being key to success.

8. fosters competition among parents and animosity towards authority like the examination board. this could be the cause of systemic disappointments and feelings of being let down that haunt an entire generation, clueless about what ails them. perhaps civil disobedience and non violent movements in extra curricular would have done some good.

9. kills imagination. if you skipped maths in high school like me it also makes you kind of an idiot who realizes only much later that their life is not in the linear progression like most of their peers, but a constant running around in concentric circles. calculus now makes sense only to take stock of your adult life.

10. troubling transition from teenage drama to young adult melodrama that dawns upon you and you’re not ready for it because the textbooks skipped reproductive and mental health chapters back in those days when the grey cells were impressionable. (so now you don’t know about contraceptives, menstrual hygiene products or identifying anxiety unless a celebrity endorses it).

so, high school is over and the fun things in life are may be yet to come. may be not so much in the current political scenario, but one must always hope for a better future, like when assembling in a factory line or getting those darn ducks in a row.

let the games begin and the force be ever with you!