An Open Secret to Influence People

We are living in a world called global village which means
the whole world is interlinked through telecommunication.News spreads in seconds all around the world. Peoples can interact with each other’s easily through technology regardless of their destinations.
There are so many means to connect with each other in
modern world but peoples are far away from each other even having so many channels. Everyone is so busy in his life that in some cases even parents and children’s are strangers for each others. Everyone is in a race to becoming an important person either with means of wealth or power. Everyone wants to be interesting but he/she doesn’t have time to take interest in others than how one can be interesting for others.
It is better to being interested than being interesting. I read a book titled "How to Win Friends and
Influence people" by Dale Carnegie. He explained this with examples of common peoples from
the different fields of life. Anyone who pays attention to peoples around himself at least greet
them, they feel being important and gave importance in return which in some situations favors you.
This is the lesson which I learnt from this book.

In a broader prospect it would have a positive influence
on society. If everyone tries to do this practice, peoples
would be getting closer to each other. It is a good
tradition to greet strangers it reflects the social values
and customs of that society. I inspired by this an open
secret of making friends and influence people. I decided
to do this practice and I surprised that after a few days I feel I am the most important person that every one greets me and they become happy after
meeting with me. I also feels happiest man …..