Bill Gates

Entrepreneurs who Changed History

American business magnate, computer software developer, investor, and philanthropist Bill Gates is best known for cofounding Microsoft.

The global computer business ushered in the personal computer era, transforming almost every aspect of modern life, from work to personal communication.

1968, Age 13 — Gates was introduced to a computer while attending a private school. He began writing software programs with his friend Paul Allen.

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1975, Age 20— Gates dropped out of Harvard to work with Allen, and called their partnership “Micro-Soft.”

1981, Age 26— Gates developed MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) and licensed to IBM and it soon became the industry standard.

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1983, Age 28— An estimated 30 percent of the world’s computers ran on Microsoft software.

1986, Age 31 — In response to the growing popularity of Apple’s Mackintosh Gates developed the Windows operating system and took Microsoft public.

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2000, Age 45 — Gates stepped down as the CEO of Microsoft and set up a charitable foundation with his wife, they have given grants worth 50 billion dollars.

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Gates was known to be extremely competitive landing him a controversial status. But, he had great foresight!

In the 70’s, he realised the potential of the Personal Computer (PC) and then the internet in 1995.

He was at the forefront of the Computer Revolution, which has significantly impacted the way we live.



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