How To Have A Strong Social Media Strategy

Thanks to social media, advertising has become more accessible than ever before. Facebook, Twitter and all the other online communities act as way points to engage and discuss brands. At the same time, with so many businesses taking advantage of this avenue, having a strong social media strategy is incredibly important if you want your voice to be heard.

  1. What’s the plan?

Social media is a challenge that can completely overwhelm you should it be underestimated. Going in without some sort of strategy is a recipe for disaster. Before making any decisions, try and answer the following questions.

  • Do you know how to win customers online?
  • Do you know your ideal customer(s) and how to focus sales?
  • Do you know how to build competitive advantage online?

If you answered no to these questions then you are unprepared. Fortunately the Sydney based Web Design Company NetStripes has specialists who can fill in your gaps to deliver a result that brings you increased brand recognition, loyalty and more.

2. Opportunities to convert

Getting your voice heard is one thing but being able to persuade those loyal to other brands to join your own is quite another. Social media for business is a ruthless world and all the organisations out there are scrambling to get customers, new, old and those loyal to other brands. It has been proven to be at least 4 to 10 times more expensive to sign on a new client. At first glance, that statistic might make it appear a detriment but remember that conversion is all about finding you the customers you’ll keep for life. It’s an investment that could be financially beneficial in the long term.

  • Conversion increases likelihood of engagement
  • Gains you a following
  • Access to new and old customers alike

3. Growth of traffic

With a proper social media strategy you will generate greater traffic to your website via your channels. What is more, the boom of traffic will be comprised almost entirely of individuals in the market for your product or service. As a result not only will your prospects increase but almost all avenues of your business will be improved because more people know about your brand.