“As a user” needs to stop.
Janet Taylor

Great thought on how to think about stories.

When you’re writing user stories, think about:
Who will this workflow serve?
What are the real-world implications of that person performing tasks in this app? (Remember, the physical world exists too.)
How will their life change when that thing happens?

Personally, I don't see an issue with the format ‘As a …so that... I can’.

However, I think, after writing hundreds of stories, the story-writer (BA, PO or PM) may fall into a familiar pattern and use the generic ‘user’ instead of the actual role. It is immensely useful to call the user’s role out in the story.

Thinking of the 3 questions above will help identify the specifics of the user experience, which can then be framed into the acceptance criteria so that the story clears QA checks. Also, empathy has to be created starting at the Epic, and user stories are usually about defining the details of the experience.

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