The Accountant

I have known Krishna Since 2008.

I made my first investments in mutual funds through him. I filed my tax returns through him for the second time and have been doing so since than.

When my Dad was frustrated with an accountant for his salaried income and Dental Clinic Practise , I got Krishna to take over his files.

Over the years , I have referred him many clients.

His skill is in being organised whether its the clients files, attested ID , Address proof , his knowledge of the tax laws.

  • I noticed a CA Student pursuing articleship in the CA firm Krishna works for. She approached him for a clarification on a tax law and interpretation of the same for effect on a client file she was working on. I noticed him ask her to refer a specific income tax act book for more detail.His information retrieval skills came into play as he watched her use the book.He stepped Up as a mentor and showed her how to optimally refer the hook through the index of the book.
  • This is a skill story from a CA firm where I facilitated a series of training programs a few days ago in Mangalore.