Top 10 NFT Trends Reshaping the Digital Ecosystem in 2022

These ten NFT Trends Are Expected to Take the NFT World by Storm — Brace Yourself!

Why should you be aware of the 2022 NFT trends? Whether you like the concept of digital ledgers or not, a few of these emerging themes have the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the web, buy/ sell art, brand products, and even produce and enjoy music. According to several analysts, 2022 appears to be the year when the promised Web 3.0 and NFTs will truly express their significance in the digital ecosystem.

Still not persuaded that NFTs are worthwhile? Well, we have a positive illustration for you to consider. Mr X bought his first Apple computer in 2000 for around $2,500. But, if Mr X had just purchased Apple stock, he would not have had to work a single day again. In the new world disrupted by digital evolution and NFTs, when you buy a ‘computer’ you own a component of the brand. So even if it goes up in flames, you can still acquire a fragment of it.”

1. Community-owned Branding

Offering a community-owned IP control to acquire and flip in new areas that the brand owner might never have explored before adds value. The usage of a blockchain with NFT provides direct and indirect resale privileges, guaranteeing that an artist is always compensated for the upcoming utilization of their artwork. Losing ownership of an IP allows for development, creativity, and growth, and artists are compensated for their contributions and effort at every step.

Take, for example, BAYC, which was hardly anything before May 2021. Presently, it is now one of the world’s largest companies, practically revered as the biggest brand, as evident from BAYC’s recent collaboration with Adidas and other big brands.

2. Digital Ownership & Tagging

We are now talking about NFTs providing creators and artists control of digital media. But, in the future, everybody, everything, tangible or intangible, will have an NFT. We are dealing with music and art right now, and we’re also attempting to figure out food and seeds — everything you purchase will carry a digital trace that tells you who controls, or possesses what.

Consider this: if Beyoncé buys a pullover sweatshirt and then sells it, you’ll know it was Beyoncé’s pullover sweatshirt, and it is worth will rise. It is becoming more common to attach physical goods with digital tags and experiences. It provides a plethora of new possibilities for creating intriguing projects using transparency.

3. Ethereum 2.0 & Energy Consumption Challenges

The massive carbon burden caused by NFTs is the big elephant in the room. A single transaction request on the Ethereum network consumes the same amount of energy as a typical family does in a day. Ethereum consumes energy, much like getting behind the wheel with your foot on the gas and brake pedal. That doesn’t have to be the case. And things are changing. Sophisticated Ethereum versions will be released gradually next year, and they will make a significant impact.

4. Gaming & Tokenization

This is a major one. In the coming year, NFTs will evolve from their usage to support art, transpiring as a much-needed utility — even if it is access to exclusive communities or gaming (associated with Web 3.0 marketing and avatar casting).

This is already happening in computer games, with AAA producers such as Ubisoft investing in a blockchain to allow gamers to purchase, unlock, and earn assets that have actual worth. Another ‘play-to-earn’ adopter, currently valued at approximately $6 billion, and gamers may earn around $15 — $20 per hour from NFT prizes.

5. NFT Avatar Casting

The upside of NFTs over standard IP development is that you may own a portion of a larger brand and profit from it. NFTs like StereoheadZ and Bored Ape Yacht Club () allow users to mint their original work for the community, providing a modern vibe of originality, inventiveness, and creativity to the musician community, animator, and artist. And, this year, watch out for more of such digital avatar casting phenomena to gain momentum in the digital landscape.

6. Personality NFTs Rising

2022 will undoubtedly witness an increase in the number of NFT personalities. Apps that allow artists to act as an NFT avatar instead of themselves will be available.

In 2022, presume to see celebrities and singers adopting NFT identities. It was already beginning to happen — for instance, Teflon Sega, a performer, only lives in the Metaverse as a musician, but anticipates more well-known performers to prefer the mystery of appearing to a small group of admirers behind a digital persona. This, too, began with Gorillaz and would be pushed towards the next degree in 2022.

7. Real-World Experiences

Real-world experiences are yet an additional element that’s beginning to transpire, but it’s sort of exciting and is related to the kind of usefulness you receive. If you contribute to an NFT initiative, you are investing in a network, and one of the benefits will be frequent events for holders.

The BAYC NFT holders have already begun calling out community-based events, with the 2021 New York City celebration that saw around 2K Bored Ape NFT holders congregate in a hidden warehouse site to witness Chris Rock, Beck, and a freshly reunited The Strokes hit the stage. These “real-life experiences” are unquestionably going to be a significant inspiration behind NFT acceptance.

8. The Music NFTs Coup

NFTs and music will be big in 2022, similar to the likes of Napster, if you may. Perhaps NFTs will become increasingly common in the music industry. As a means of explanation, Jack Dorsey recently resigned as CEO of Twitter to manage Block (previously Square), with the goal of convincing streaming service providers like Tidal to accept music-based NFTs.

9. The Rising NFT Competition

The NFT gold rush seems to be in full swing thanks to the growth prospects and community-building initiatives offered by the new normal — the digital ecosystem. With dogs, bears, apes, monkeys, and many others living in the same arena, every NFT creator wants to create a persona that survives and vies for the top spot. For instance, a to-be-launched NFT Shredded Sharks expresses its commitment to take giant NFT creators BAYC by minting rare trait digital arts.

10. Web 3.0 will be the New Normal

NFTs are designed for Web 3.0. Whereas prior web iterations focused on perusing (viewing data) and writing and reading (experiences and social media), Web 3.0 is all about claiming ownership and receiving rewards in games and worlds like Fortnite and Decentraland. The advancement of technology and NFTs go hand in hand, and it will truly gain momentum in 2022.

Disclaimer: The ideas, opinions contained, and/ or expressed in this work are meant for informational and educational purposes only. The ideas expressed here are not intended to give specific investment or financial advice or recommendations for any investment product or person. The purpose of this work is to give general opinions and information regarding NFT markets. The opinions expressed here are subject to change without notice at any moment, based on the market outlook, needs, and preferences.



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