Goodbye Shaker Bottle. Hello ShredTech.

The fitness world is changing as we know it. New technology, new gear, and new supplements are changing how we get fit everyday. One thing that has gone unchanged is the generic supplement shaker bottle, until now.

Introducing the ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottle

ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottles are engineered to mix fitness supplements in a matter of seconds with the push of button. Protein clumps and undissolved supplement shakes are now a thing of the past. ShredTech vortex mixers are powerful enough to cut through some of thickest supplements out on the market.

The ShredTech vortex bottle is made up of 3 components: the top lid, the cup, and the electric motor base. The electric motor base comes in 2 options, AAA battery powered or USB rechargeable. The motor spins at over 11,000 RPM creating a powerful vortex capable of handling some of the toughest supplements. The BPA free cup and top lid are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned in a matter of seconds.

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