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Everything has gone digital. With YouTube, you may be able to learn on the topic of any instrument out there.The music trade has changed quite bit over the previous couple of decades, all because of new technology. But we have an inclination to scan and play music has what is more. The time of a conductor shopping for volumes of piece of music for one song are going to be gone. However, as we’ve an inclination to require a deeper verify but technology has tangled into the music trade, you may see that whereas some things space still operational themselves out, the fact is that digital technology is basically being hailed as a result of the savior of the music trade, rather than the destroyer.
As a result of the music trade can get an additional management over the online streaming and pirated music became the norm, the record labels of creative person can develop the positive however everyone knew they were still not proud of the changes technology had galvanized. everybody must be nonheritable his or her work. However we have an inclination to listen to music is not the sole issue that changed. And musicians are not any all completely different, in spite of what amount money they produce annually. So there’s one platform known as BITSONG is developed to fade the obstacles in music trade.

Bitsong Overview

The project Bitsong is primarily targeted on benefiting every musicians what is more as listeners. Musicians sometimes haven’t got enough money to jot, compose and list that song on music streaming platforms. Bitsong is an localised Blockchain-based music streaming platform built on Ethereum Blockchain. Producers don’t notice it price their time or money to require a footing throughout a relatively new Musician’s work. Listeners additionally can get benefited massively by the platform. in conjunction with the listening of their favorite music, they go to collectively get nonheritable it. that’s what Bitsong is targeted on achieving.
BitSong aims to unravel this draw back once and for all.With the help of Bitsong, a musician are typically alleviated from this hefty procedure by connexion Bitsong platform. Here, Musician will get its audience what is more as a result of the donations he wishes for his forthcoming music comes.The platform have already planned to form a political candidate internet Radio / TV which can stream the foremost effective tracks on the platform, and even be musical contests at intervals that the creator can promote his music (only users with BTSG tokens can categorical their preference).
Now the platform BitSong are going to be streaming is via Spotify listening and showing a music video is via YouTube, marketing is on iTunes or Beatport and advertising is on social media. A holistic one — stop search approach, various is given to to the user, to look at videos, stream music and have the pliability to use whichever device they own to partake in Bitsong. Advertisements ar transfer by the communicator and each time an advert is listened to, the creator and so the attender will receive the profits from the communicator.

ICO Details

Bitsong public sale will begins on 10th August 2018. This sale will permit the event of the applying and additionally the enlargement of our project. All the contributions could also be made in Ethereum. The token sale will keep live for 90 days. The hard-cap area unit planning to be 473.7 Million tokens. The unsold tokens are planning to be stirred to the “Reserve Fund” and might even be blocked for a quantity of 18 months and bit by bit discharged.

Token distribution

Use Of Token

Creating a donation
Buying a song
Shopping for tickets
Buying merchandising



The platform BITSONG can utilize blockchain technology and so as to confirm the adoption of their platform, they need enforced a wise contract which can reward the new subscribers, to those will invite totally different users and to those that manufacture creating varied contents of various varieties. They will encourage and reward our community and might support users; this activity is very important at intervals the launching a part of their service and put together later throughout for.
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