Chitta Pravrtti

Three months after Lauren moved to her native, we were still trying to make it work. The only thing keeping our long distance relationship alive was her saying

Baby, take me to our place.

I would then recall, rather dramatically, the day we went on an early morning ride to Hesarghatta. The verbal scenary would remind us of our intimate emotional states and give the long distance relationship a little more milage.

In game of thrones, Bran when first met the three eyed crow, asks, will I walk again? The crow answers- no, you will never walk, but you will fly. I won’t talk about how he flew.

One of the most beautiful lines I remember from a book called Jhonny Gone Down, well I don’t remember the lines but the protagonist, Jhonny is tied down in genocide ridden Vietnam and is tortured physically, mentally and emotionally. He finds strength to survive the torture by realising that being present in the situation mentally and emotionally would break him faster and learns to stray into happier memories to survive

Most people in the bus today are watching TV shows or movies on their phone. The ones who don’t have seats are listening to songs. There are hardly any who don’t have anything plugged in their ears. Those who don’t are either are the old, the infants and those who don’t have charge in their phones.

Today, once again I was bored out of my wits. Well not exactly. As we’ve just seen, our brain and memories are the best source of entertainment. I had a good time today, but as I was reliving a great moment I realised the downside. Using your head for entertainment is good, but making it a habit is definitely going to make you believe your head is a better place to live, and we don’t want that do we?

Today we’ve learnt the second best thing to consider for a life style — after improv — and thats Moderation.