Your 6-Step Guide on How to Hire the Right Contractor

At some point or the other, being a business owner, you might need to renovate your property or build a new one. For the same, you need to hire a general contractor. However, it is not easy to reach the right one first-hand. So, here is a 6-step easy to guide to finding just the right contractor.

Any business owner, big or small, may need to store a project at some point of time. But, the first thing that clicks their mind is how to reach the right kind of general contractor for their business restoration. If you are one such individual or group, here is an ultimate guide for you. Below are six easy steps that let you know where you can find contractors, how to pick the best one and what all you should get in your contract.

Step 1: Get Recommendations

First of all, consult people you know and have faith in. It can be anyone from your friends and family to your architect, neighbours, lawyers, or others who have had a construction project experience. Go through the list of professional contractors in your region. Look at their reviews and gallery for an idea about the work they do. Quickly call the potential contractors and ask them if they have taken a project similar to yours earlier; if they can provide a list of existing clients; and which projects they have at hand at the time. Look at the projects they have in your area, if any. Ask clients what kind of working relationship they share with the contractor.

Step 2: One-to-One Conversation

Depending upon your phone call with the prospects, finalize 3–4 general contractors and conduct a one-to-one conversation with them. Ask them the necessary questions and see if they can satisfy you with their responses. Remember that the person will work at your home for many hours. Thus, decide wisely if they are trustworthy or not. You can even corroborate with the consumer protection agency of your state if a contractor has a dispute history with any client.

Further, don’t forget to ensure that the general construction company is licensed. It should be at a good position with the state license board. Make sure that you check their picture ID, pocket license, and insurance certificate.

Step 3: Have a Look at Their Recent Work

Having already narrowed down your list, it’s time to make the most of your research. Pick up your phone and call the existing clients of your contractor to see what kind of experience they had with them and what kind of finished product they received. However, don’t alone resort to these results. Instead, prefer going to a live site to see the work of the contractor you have chosen. Check if the site is clean and free of any safety hazards. Also, ensure if the workers are polite in their dealing and careful towards the owner’s property.

Ask Certain Questions to Yourself Like:

· If the work has a warranty and if the issues are resolved

· If the project stood the test of time

Step 4: Ask for Bids

Now, you know the contractors, whose work histories are clean and who have an ethical approach and are reliable regarding their work. The next big thing is to see if your contractor is willing to learn what you actually want from your project, while they ask you for blueprints. They would ask you for the amount you seek to spend. You can compare the bids by asking different contractors to separate the costs of labor, material, profit margins and everything else.

Step 5: Don’t Go with Price in Disguise

Don’t get fooled by low prices offered by a general contractor. This contractor may be ready to offer you poor quality in return. The better choice is look at the price later, and quality first. First of all, see how well you communicate with your contractor and if they can provide you comfort along with technical expertise. Thereafter, be ready to spend even a bit higher if you are getting all of what you really want.

Step 6: Get in Writing

Finally, get everything in writing. It is the most important aspect. Get every detail of your project on a paper, including payment schedule, worker’s compensation payments, proof of liability insurance, start date and end date, materials to be used, and the requirement that they get lien releases from suppliers and subcontractors–which ensure your security if the contractor doesn’t pay the bills. A contract in writing is just an assurance that the project will be carried out successfully.

This 6-step guide is certain to make your renovation project a long-term success. Shreeji Builder is a trusted general construction company located in Chicago that holds expertise in premium construction service and offers 100% cost-effective solutions to its residential as well as commercial customers. Everything from planning to administration and scheduling of the project is done strategically by the firm, while it ensures excellent quality in its work.