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Seven years ago Om and I embarked on a month long journey in India. Instead of visiting touristy destinations we decided to spend our time volunteering at Faith-Aalingan, an orphanage in Jaipur. This is no ordinary orphanage. It gives hope to the lives of children who have HIV/AIDS, an incurable disease that no one should suffer through. I will be going back this summer, through the RANA Youth Ambassador Program, and I hope to have your support.

The focus of the organization is primarily to care, support, and counsel the children while providing education and basic healthcare. Not only has Smriti Singh, the founder and woman in charge, spent the past eleven years dedicating their life to this effort, but she has lead efforts in raising awareness about the stigma.

In the past eleven years Smriti has helped a number of orphans escape their hardship and enjoy their childhood. By providing basic healthcare from local doctors and hospitals as well as nurture and care, the children go on to live longer and healthier lives. Faith-Aalingan has nearly doubled the life expectancy of the orphans, who otherwise would have been left to suffer on their own in remote villages.

This summer I will embark on a volunteering journey in helping Smriti with her mission. Please join me in my goal of raising $500 (USD), all of the proceeds will go to directly in helping Smriti run the orphanage and take care of the children. It will be used to purchase food, take care of medical needs, and pay for their school tuition just to name a few.

My goal is raise up to $1,000 in hopes to donate $500 to Faith and another $500 to other organizations in Rajasthan.

Please donate to help these orphans who deserve a normal life regardless of their circumstance. The smallest donations can make a huge and life changing difference.

I will also be volunteering at a number of other NGOs and at a few rural schools in India. Any additional donations ($500+) will be donated equally among the other organizations. If you want to specifically donate more, or have any questions please contact me personally.

Send cash/checks via mail or personally to the following name and address: email if you would like to mail cash/check

GoFundMe Page:

To keep updated with my journey follow me at and via email at

  • * I will provide the distribution of money among all organizations **
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