I’m so crazy of motorcycles,you can get a new feel when your riding an motorcycle.

That feeling you ride in the highway, to new places, to experience new places, discover new people, know the culture, and when the wind falls on your face wow that feeling can’t be explained in words. You guys must try it out.


There is a quote which says “FOUR WHEELS MOVE THE BODY, TWO WHEELS MOVE THE SOUL”. This is so true you won’t get this kind of experience in Four wheels, This is totally a different feel.

Whenever you guys feel confused, sad, depressed…

I have never been into sports and wouldn’t really call myself an active person. However, I decided to make some changes to my habits a few years ago because I was gaining weight and felt tired all the time. I talked to my doctor and he recommended that I find an activity I enjoy. He said I had to be more active to avoid developing more serious health issues.

The problem was that I did not really enjoy any sports. I finally decided to purchase a bike and to ride it as often as possible. …

I am basically an Engineering student, i love designing and editing (pictures and videos). At a point i thought i had
nothing to do, rather than studying and earning. but there is some thing more than this “HAPPINESS IN WHAT YOU DO”. That is when i decide, i’ll start doing designing and side by side i got into Youtube. The way i think is to gain experience and learn new things, to develop new stuff. I always wanted to be unique and to be different from everyone.

The only thing i would like to tell u guys is that follow…

Secrets are particularly pervasive in wartime, and Nazi Germany during World War II has a slew of them. Troop movements, bombing runs and weather reports are all hidden in plain sight — behind the mighty wall of Enigma, Hitler’s beautifully complex code machine. Each day the Germans fire off hundreds of missives — perfectly legible for those who have the day’s special code, but perfect gibberish for those listening in. Each day the code changes. …

My favourite childhood cartoon character

The one and only he’s not only my favourite. He has many other fans like me.

Mr. Bean

He’s my inspiration and has made me understand a few things which will be helpful in life.

We all must understand one thing, no one in this world is gonna with u forever except ur mom daddy and siblings, even at a point they my also go, so we all must learn enjoy our own company. Everytime we trust someone at one point they break our heart, when they leave us there is nothing much more painful than that…

Hey there folks!!!! Hope everything is doing great and i welcome u people for my BLOG. It actually feels really good to do a blog for yourself.

I am Shree Raaghav. I am a student from south India.

Until sometime i felt that there is nothing to do in this world other than studying, working and doing our businesses, But now i
realize that we are born to explore places, discover people, experience different culture and lifestyle.

I love to travel to new places in my motorcycle and never thought it would happen for real.

The gears i use :

Mt stinger supra helmet

Pro biker riding gloves


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