Until We Meet Next Time..!

It was beautiful, what we had on that night..

Do you know how it was..?

Like a glass of chilled water to someone who’d walked for miles in the dry heat.. Like chocolate shower to the crying child.. Like a stage to the Performer..Like sunlight over the path that’s being enclosed by the mist for ages..and Like Oxygen to Me…!

I don’t know how to put words to describe what exactly exists between us because..

You came like sunshine and left me like Moonlight.. When i about reach you in skies..you immersed yourself into clouds.. you let me wander amidst star squad..You made me lose myself into you..

When you shine as Shooting star again.. I had night blindness..!

You taught me to see colors in that Deep Darkest night..You made me search pearls in beach sand..you let me hear a sweat melancholy in that noise of waves(When you held my hand).. You said that you gotta go for arranged marriage-You made me say the same-there my ego defeated my love, i said yes “am too gonna go for my parents option”

But; when my eyes met your eyes, In that cold wind.. In that Dim light.. with your fingers locked with my hands..

I wanted to be loved by you.. Only by you..!

But then it was all over.. Days passed on..Replies become slower-Priority changed.. Chat become shorter-situation blamed.. I realized you left..Yes you left..!

I didn’t tried to call out your name because you haven’t turned around to say Goodbye..

I didn’t tried to tap my feet towards you because you haven’t turned around to give a final smile..

You walked away simply..

Now all i remember is your crooked smile that starts from lips and end at your eyes..

You taught me some people are not meant to be lived together like the thunder and lightning.. but they will live together in everyone's bookshelf as sonnets..

You made me realize that some eyes twinkles more beautiful than stars and Some angels not requires wings because when you look into their eyes you will feel heaven..

In less than one hour you gave me infinite feeling.. It will stay forever in my heart as bigger than infinity days..

There are some beautiful moments enclosed here.. you only can feel that..and i wanted it all my eternity..

That night reaching you was my wish.. My wish became my Prayer.. and now You are my Unanswered Prayer”..!

You have gone deep into my heart..You mixed up in every emotions.. My way will end tracing your eyes.. My night will yearn to look at your face.. I will be waiting as the dried leaf for your footprints..!

I just wanted you to know that “ There will be piece of you in me always and am great-full for that”..

“Your Memories suffice me until we meet next time”….!