How To Create The Best Linkedin Profile:

Shreoshi Roy
2 min readDec 12, 2021

How to create the best linkedin profile:

LinkedIn is an online platform which connects the professionals of every company or organisation from all over the world. A LinkedIn profile shows your education, work experience, skills and interests to the recruiters, your connections and future or current employers. You can also showcase your milestones to attract the attention of higher authorities.
If you want to make your linkedin profile one of the best then you need to follow some of the following tips:
1. LinkedIn profile photo: The impression starts with your profile photo. Just keep it professional. Choose the right photo for linkedin profile.
2. About yourself: Create a bio of your own which stands out of the crowd. Use emphasis on the keywords.
3. Profile details: Fill out the details of your profile accurately not just to show off. You need to be real.
4. Skills: List your skills which you have mastered or still working on.
5. Skills assessment test: If you pass then it would reflect your profile.
6. Connections: Grow your network. This is utmost important aspect of LinkedIn.
7. Request recommendation: This affects the mind of the viewer.
8. Milestones: Share your achievements and express your experience during the same.
9. Be interactive: Appreciate other’s posts at your newsfeed. This would help start conversations.
10. Be concise: Don’t share unnecessary content which can lead to conflicts. It will give negative impact on your profile.
11. Experience: Share your experiences. Tell the audience about your work duration and environment.
12. Always reflect yourself as a keen learner. This habit is a very demanding characteristic for employees (though you just should not only pretend but you should genuinely be inculcating this in yourself)
13. Upload cover photo: Add a cover photo that means something to you.
14. Contact details: Don’t forget to fill the contact info. This will help others to reach out to you making space for great opportunities for you.
15. Add Licenses, Certifications, Projects, Volunteer Experiences, Accomplishments, or Languages.
16. Become an active user and keep an eye on daily activities.
17. Create an eye catching headline.
18. Customize your URL. It makes your profile memorable for others. This also indicates your creativity.
19. Education details: Fill out your education to let people know what your major was/is.
20. Keep in mind to use it as a professional and not just a random social media profile. It can help you with your future and career.
21. Be grateful: If recommended by someone, try to praise back. This will show gratitude towards the one who recommended you.



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