The Journey, Not the Destination

“Life is a journey, not a destination” -Ralph Waldo

On 31st March of this year, I graduated from my Alma-mater. For two years, I was surrounded by a few of the best minds of my country, living the dream. Now, I’m in a corporate, working once again and realizing what an utopia I was living in for the past two years.

The thing with a B-School is that they train people to be goal-oriented, and look at problems, or for that matter, anything in life, objectively. The irony is that to teach this, B-Schools set up an environment where ideas starts flowing more smoothly than water and lines between ideologies and practical reality start blurring.

My biggest takeaway from the two years I spend in a B-School is that when you’re focused, you only see patterns which have already been recognized. To discover something original, you need to “unfocus” and find the patterns that emerge in the blur.

Accept the chaos to find the order.

This is the journey which is not driven by a destination, but driven by your desires, your will to experiment, pushing yourselves to the boundaries, only to push the boundaries further away. Nurture your talents, your abilities to uncover something that you never knew you were capable of doing.

It might take you longer in this path to achieve “success” in more conventional terms, but meta-physically this would be one of the most liberating journey of your life, in which the destination will show itself and that will be your true destination, not the one you’ve set for yourself and are forcing yourself to march towards.

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