Against Caste Discrimination. For Conscious Reality.

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Vedic caste system for what it should be and not what it is.

Vedic caste system for documenting and realizing one’s own status of consciousness. Not for social stratification.

Before starting off this article, I must admit and make some things clear:

· Prior to reading “Bhagavad-Gita: As It Is”, I too thought the caste system was some kind of social evil as mentioned in some of the old social studies book.

· As more and more of the youngsters of my age want to aware regarding their spiritual health, this article is dedicated to all those, who feel it…

5 Continents. 21 Countries. 6 months

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I didn’t travel. Instead I got locked. But not alone. With hundreds of others. In a dorm for more than 45 days. Due to the COVID. And developed a perspective. An outlook about identity.

The very identity that people are ready to stand, strike and fight for. The very “identity” what we had to write scores of essays on. And after interacting with dormmates ranging from Papua New Guinea to Bolivia, this is what I personally feel about identity. I may be wrong. Chances are pretty high. But this is not a conclusion. It’s simply a perspective, an observation that…

More than a Political Privilege. It’s your Opportunity to Impact Lives.

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You may be 70-year-old veteran or a 20-year-old college freshman. You may be living in a bustling city or a small town. You may be a owner of a multiplex or a blue-collar worker. You may be supporting one idea or the other.

It does not matter. As long as you can vote, and you make an informed decision, you will be a part of the history, the history in making. While most people around the world shall be idle spectators, you have the choice, you have the voice to be a part of one the most powerful impact.


It’s not about religion. It’s not about surrendering. It’s about rediscovering

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Entrepreneurs are different from businessmen.

You can be an entrepreneur, but not a businessman and vice-versa.

Entrepreneurship is related to revenue generation, but more prominently it’s about logical and pragmatic problem solving.

As more and people embark on their voyage of entrepreneurship, they are constantly in search of high quality and relevant content that can both help them in theory as well as in practice.

But how does spirituality relate to entrepreneurship? Is it only about clarity or there is something else too?

Here is it how spirituality helps one embrace entrepreneurship, and that in a more balanced and rational…

The Best from the Major Religions of the World

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Religion is not only about scriptures, it’s also the teachings. Religion is not only about an identity, it also a guideline to lead life in a meaningful, mindful and rational way.

As more and more people look forward towards becoming rational and informed, it seems they deem religion as something like an irrational belief system. Something of an identify rather than values.

But religion is more than that. It’s more about teachings, it’s more about realizations and that too with a set of rational perspectives.

In this article, I have tried to compile some of the best teachings from major…

Tips+ Free Resources to Begin. For a better you, your family, your nation and the world.

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A bit perplexed. A bit worried. A bit insecure. And a bit more mindful too.

Getting hooked in our homes for days has filled us with a wide range of emotions. The acknowledgement of the fact that we humans still have a long journey to embark has brought within us some degree of humility. The reports of nature recovering in the absence of human exploitation has filled us with a certain level of guilt. …

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A Dairy of Thoughts + Reflections.

6O days back, the streets looked empty. The metros were vacant. And it seemed that doom was near.

Life had come to a halt here in China and we all were hooked in our dormitory. We rarely left the dormitory only to fetch some food and water. Everyday temperature screenings had become normal, and as time passed, the number of cases got us more and more anxious.

Now, in March 28, when I am writing this article, things have become a lot better here in China. We can live normally except few restrictions.

As I see things are getting harder…

Tears Mean Purity and Reflect a Journey.

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Tears flow. Flow from the windows of our soul. From those eyes where we see the reflection of the outer world through our internal lenses. From those eyes from where we begin our first perception of life and the world.

And finally end as sparkling droplets into the soil, the soil that gave us life, that nourished our growth. The very soil, where one day we all shall rest in peace.

They are the perfect expressions of our purest emotions: emotions of ecstasy, pain and realization. Tears, I believe are an intricate amalgamation of 3 things: purity, realization and reflection.

1. Tears as Droplets of Purity

What Prayer Means and Why It is Important

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Joining Hands. Bowing Down. Closing your eyes.

This is how most people pray. And I too have been doing so for 19 years. Sometimes at home, sometimes at school, sometimes at the temples. But I never wondered, what this exactly means.

Until some weeks before. Until I literally saw, heard and followed this word called “prayer.”

A word that popped in messages and videos again and again. Again, and again, in texts and videos, I heard and saw the word “Pray.” “Pray for China”, “Pray for Wuhan” and “Pray for this world.”

This word came up in my mind so…

A Student’s Personal Note on Attending Remote Learning Classes in China Amidst the Corona Outbreak.

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Zoom application. Mini Programs. Daily online classes. PowerPoint presentations.

It has almost been 30 days that I have been literally trying out “Distant learning.”

Since the outbreak halted this semester here in Tongji University at Shanghai, the management decided to opt for remote learning through an application called “Zoom”.

And today, it marks the 30th day, I am using this interactive platform to join my language class. …

Sushant Shrestha

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