Confessions of an Anxious Girl

What my anxiety looks like

There’s this scene in Grey’s Anatomy Season 6, Episode 24. Mass shooter Gary Clark has just shot at Dr Derek Shepherd, who is lying bloody on the floor, and he is now pointing his loaded gun at Dr April Kepner. Clark is on a manic revenge-mode, and April has seconds to convince him to not kill her.

Looking down the barrel of the gun with her hands held up, April starts introducing herself, like one would at a friendly college freshers’ party. Eventually, she says this:

“I haven’t done anything yet… I have barely lived… I’m not finished yet. No one has loved me yet… I’m someone’s child, someone’s sister, I’m a person… I’m not done yet.”

Every morning I wake up, every night before I go to sleep, that’s me facing my anxiety disorder.

Source: Screenshot from Grey’s Anatomy (Season 6, Episode 24)