Make in India, Sell Globally

Exports of goods manufactured in India have increased two-fold in the last 5 years. To give this statement a better perspective, here are the numbers: December 2016 recorded an all time high of INR 1182.58 Billion worth exports of manufactured goods in India.

The ‘Make in India’ initiative launched in September 2014 by the Government of India given enough impetus to the manufacturing sector in India. Not only has India been recognized as a manufacturing hub on the world map, but is also projected to become the world’s fifth largest manufacturing country by 2020. The Government is has opened a million doors as opportunities across over 25 sectors by measures like Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy reforms, building the Industrial Corridor and more…

The ease of setting up a business in India is helping thousands of entrepreneurs every year. Sounds cool! But what next? How would a manufacturer get their business discovered locally? How would they reach a trader, dealer, distributor or anyone who would be interested in their product? How would they start selling globally, and contribute to the exports of goods manufactured in India?

Enter NowFloats — a simple solution to a complex problem. Any business round the globe can get their website online up and running instantly. That’s not all, the website can be managed / updated completely through a mobile app, is tagged as per a physical location, and gets discovered locally based on the content on the website. But what next? How would this help a manufacturer?

Enter LightHouse Manufacturing — a category specific product recently launched by NowFloats after intense research on identifying the gaps and challenges faced by manufacturers in India. There has been over a 50% growth in the number of manufacturers on the NowFloats platform in 2016–17, that’s when NowFloats realized the value that they can add to such businesses by offering a customized product. Apart from the features that the base product offers, manufacturers can talk about their team and the projects they have successfully completed. They can also add testimonials by their customers. This is just the beginning. But what next? How will a manufacturer reach markets within and outside India through their NowFloats site?

Chanakya Engineering, specialized manufacturers of hydraulic parts and door closers in Rajkot, a Tier-II city of India, have been in business for a little over a year. Being in the nascent stage of their business, they had listed their business on portals only where they could register for free. They could not even dedicate enough time to build a website. And then they heard about NowFloats. Visibility was all they were looking for, leads were secondary. It was the first time Dharmendra Kathiya, owner of Chanakya Engineering, agreed to spend on digital media. “We signed up with NowFloats directly for a multi-year plan because the concept was unique. Everything is in our hands, you give us the power.”, says Dharmendra.

Chanakya Engineering have been on the NowFloats platform for almost a year now. And they are just one among the many NowFloats customers that have used the NowFloats product to grow their business multi-fold. Dharmendra highlights, “I received an enquiry from a company in USA on my NowFloats site, I replied to them immediately and closed the order on the spot.”

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