Through the eyes of a dying soul

I see a lamp. I see a pretty vintage lamp that housed squirrels drunk on autumn’s spell. Its pompous yellow light illuminated a lonely bench aching for someone to sit on it, to give it comfort. Trees with burning young leaves erupted from the dry, senile leaves that couldn’t hold on, and were scattered randomly, flaunting their own, vain spaces. Through the arresting bars of faded wood and neglected chewing gum, I see the black sky that collapsed onto me with the weight of the world, splattered with stars.

. The world spun around me like a tornado, muddling and destroying everything in my brain. Iron hammered bend and warp my paper skull, folding it like Origami. Pain and scorching blood oozes put of me, tearing my parched skin, devouring it like it was their last meal. The scarlet needles of betrayal pierced my heart, puncturing the life within it. Where are my arms? Where are my legs? All I feel is pain, steely, unforgiving pain.

I spy a merry-goround with an intent to kill. Cheap, yellow paint is barely holding onto its cold, metal skeleton, while it screamed its shrill song every time it rotated around its dying axis. The silhouettes of horses are ghosts, bobbing up and down, oblivious to the glinting knives that sat atop them. Will they ever know the horrors the park possesses? I hear the frightened swings respond to the carrousel’s shrieks, swinging in synch, whistling with the wind, rustling the leaves as they went by.

A gust of wind blows, stinging every pore of my skin, reeking of food older than me. In the corner of my eye, I catch some greedy, giant rats gnawing at a forgotten picnic basket, desperate for food ancient enough to kill their plump little bodies. An owl hoots, lethargically flapping its wings, leisurely flying to a happier spot with their ochre wings. Vultures darks as nigh prowl around, circling lethally. Bright, onyx eyes are all I see. Death is all I can feel.

I see a merrygoround, I see red leaves. I see yellow light, I see deadly eyes. And then I see rats, And then I see owls; and then I see myself, and then I see nothing.

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