Hungry At Brown:

College students are faced with many problems during their day to day lives. From trying to save money to finishing that 10 page paper before the deadline, there’s barely any time to eat, sleep, or relax with friends. For students at Brown University, the on campus dining experience is integral to the lives of underclassmen, the majority of which are still on meal plan. Their main source of information for dining options is the Brown Dining Services website. For our user interface class, two of my classmates and I created a mobile version of the website, which has a few additional features such as finding free food on campus and getting the nutritional content of food served at dining halls.

Here is a link to the final presentation we gave on December 5th

We have also created some hi fidelity prototypes which can be found here.

We would appreciate it if you give us feedback on our design — we are planning on creating an initial implementation for Android, and any comments are welcome.

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