Explaining My Tears.

If you find me sobbing softly in the corner of my room, don’t ask me to tell you the reason behind my tears, for there really isn’t one specific and whole cause that I can narrate to you; it is not because ‘I didn’t get the job’ or ‘I am going through a break-up’ — no. I wasn’t even thinking of it. I was thinking of the stars, and my place in this multiverse. I was thinking of my mother’s laugh, my sister’s hair, my grandmother’s wrinkles, and a by-gone lover’s eye-lashes. I was thinking of our numbered days and Sisyphean dreams.

Words linger in concentric circles.

Words echo in the void of action.

Words crawl out of their unmade graves, in the ruins of my being.

Words haunt me.

They’re not supposed to, are they?

And what do you do when your healing prayer haunts you?

You have no choice, do you?

So, like a woman denied choice- I fight my thoughts before I succumb to their atrocious power over me.

These tears could best be explained, in a single sentence, as the withering of my soul.

© Image by Shreya Bahirat
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