I’m Worried for My Parents

It’s hard to believe that my parents are retiring in less than six months. Baba is retiring from his lifelong service in the Army and Ma, well she’s retiring from being the perfect Army Officer’s wife. Time has unfortunately flown since their younger, glory filled days and it feels like the ugly truth is going to hit all of us soon.

Keeping the emotional drama aside, I’m thoroughly worried about my folks. Like typical, good hardworking and married-to-their-job ‘fauji’s’, they don’t have much of a plan, a retirement plan i.e . And I don’t think I can blame them. Priorities perhaps changed over time, but retirement never took precedence. And nor did a house.

They weren’t able to ever pre-plan where they would like to stay upon retiring. Funds were never enough to ‘book two houses’ or get stuff organised for later.

And now, there’s a hint of settling down in a city that doesn’t quite connect with them nor their lifestyle. But its all they got. From real, real-estate adventures (not the fun kinds for sure) to having to get rid off of most belongings and artefacts collected over the years, this is going to be one tough shift. The city where they intend settling down in, has more dust and pollution than imaginable, crime rates higher than one can digest, I’m seeing my parents grow old and grow close too. It’s very beautiful to see it and, at the same its scary. They are more emotional, less dramatic and also more my ‘friends’. I can see them slowly take things around them with more of acceptance and willingness and less of resistance. But there’s a sense of them giving up lurking in that willingness, and that’s very painful.

Everything around them is changing. Technology is growing faster than they can grab, societies, morals and ideals are shifting beneath their feet and their dependency on the outside world is far more than ever.

From their everyday living and being, to their health and their social life- I’m worried. I’m feeling like they are going to face a whole new nasty world, without anyone being able to protect them. They are vulnerable though experienced, weak yet strong. It’s strangely similar to how parents feel when kids leave home for the first time.

It’s the circle of life, the reversal of roles, and I’m just not able to control it.