This is not a manual for developer productivity
Shival Gupta

This was an excellent manual. (Even if you didn’t intend to make it one)

I think how someone manages their time reflects a lot about them and you have laid down some excellent points. Now I know how you manage to get so much done even with a day job.

My productivity hack (or technique) is that ensure that I have a clear mind when I sit down to work and not a monkey mind that is always jumping to one thing or other. Obviously those are just a few countable hours in my day and I am trying to maximize that.

My morning workout is the one thing that helps me the most with productivity as it really clears my head and the second thing is my Playlist which I have named as ‘Meditative Work’. I play it in background and it really helps me get into the flow.

I am by default quite an anxious person so productivity is a constant struggle. Thanks for sharing your insights :)

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