You know, I too have been through so much,
But I stood there strong, fierce, 
I did not care what people thought of me 
All I cared was what I’ll become
if I think what people think of me. 
A million things people asked me to see,
But I left them all unnoticed. 
I stood against the crowd, all alone.
The laughs I still hear, 
The touches I still feel,
The pain in chest and, 
feeling that nobody is by my side. 
When people talked about me, 
I stood there hearing their cruel words, 
& the voices of aggression. 
Afterall, according to them all, 
I was wrong, 
Afterall, they all stood against me, 
Not beside me.
I could do nothing then,
But now I have the courage to stand alone,
Against the whole world.
I’m not sure if I’ll kill all the demons, 
But I’m very sure,
I won’t allow those demons to kill me.

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