A UBI would support youth entering the workforce during a recession and help address the climate emergency they’re stuck fighting.

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The graduates of the class of 2020 face an uncertain future thanks amid the Covid-19 pandemic, recession, and climate change (Photo by Andre Hunter via Unsplash)

As a student in the University of Waterloo’s School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability, Maggie Chang worries about the climate: “Climate change quite literally threatens the livability of our planet.” But since the pandemic hit Canada in March, the 22-year-old has also been worried about her financial situation, and that of her peers. “We’re not in a place to find work right now and it feels like [the government doesn’t] have a good understanding of students,” she says. “Everyone should have a safety net to fall back on.”

She’s not alone in her concerns. The pandemic has resulted in 3 million job losses in Canada, which is projected to see unemployment levels unmatched in 70 years. In the US, over 14% of the working population was unemployed in April, and the World Bank says the global economy will shrink by 5% in 2020, making it the worst recession since World War II. Statistics Canada’s Labour Force survey for April stated: “COVID-19 has disproportionately affected Canada’s youth (15–24).” Among youth, the unemployment rate increased from 10% in February to 32% in April. …

Anti-black racism protests around the world are a moment of reckoning for us to unite and eliminate the predatory and racist practices of capitalism.

The overlay of the health and economic crisis as a result of the pandemic coupled with anti-black racism uprisings around the world and the ever-looming climate emergency is certainly a moment of reckoning. The last such moment, in recent times, granted to us was Greta Thunberg’s weekly diligent sit-ins outside the Swedish parliament in Stockholm, silently demanding climate action. …

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I‘m no cinephile but I gotta say that Netflix has provided a good alternative to challenge the fair and lovely cast of Bollywood and it’s strange obsession with romances between heroes in their yesteryears and every young new actress on the block. …


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