More Than A Million Facets of Beauty

Throughout our existence , we’ve attributed the term of beauty to the various things our planet boasts of — we find beauty in delicate scents of seasonal wildflowers, the elegant golden lights of french towers, blue flames of a contagious sickness and the melancholy of one’s broken bitterness.

It prevails in both peace and war, joy and remorse, light and dark.

When it comes to us humans, what I find outstanding is how we’ve evolved through time to eventually result in the epiphany that beauty has no boundaries; it cannot be constricted to certain features, colours or words — which makes my sentences only a fraction of what this value truly resembles.

Observing photographs of models from various apparel firms or popular fashion companies has become a past time of mine I hadn’t noticed I’d adopted until recently. All these models, I thought, are so different from each other, not only in their various physical aspects but also in how the picture comes to represent their personality and mind. Different races, different skin tones, different body types, different facial features, same eyebrows (they’re all similarly flawless). With these variations, it was assumable that they came from different religions, different cultures, different families, different countries and inevitably were different people in every sense. And in every picture’s centre, the model standing poised, distracted, is considered to be beautiful — this miscellany is accepted, most kindly it is. This overjoys me.

Additionally, there have been numerous tasks carried out by individuals where countries have been asked to edit a single picture of a person to somewhat facsimile the country’s distinguished idea of human beauty. The results in this case differ from nation to nation.

I find this conflict of perspective over beauty incredibly interesting; barely a conflict it is in fact, we must say that this is rather a peaceful union of entirely contradictory opinions over a value that shapes our appreciation for ourselves, appreciation for the world we live in.

We attribute beauty to everything and everyone (irrespective of another opinion or a certain factor) which increases the importance we give to the quality itself as there are more to celebrate it rather than it losing value among the few it is attributed to. Much like joy, beauty may co-exist among ourselves if we choose to endlessly commemorate it among all, not trap it within a few pretty souls.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. — Confucius

Beauty consists of so many facets, like a jewel with infinite reflections that are a multitude of perspectives. We may not be able to count these endless aspects of beauty, and we may never be able to darken the light reflected from even a single facet, but this jewel will shine and grow beyond restricted minds, the ever-expanding paradigms of darkness that sicken such values in our world, so that each surface of this beautiful jewel may be embraced and jubilated without end.