Heard this term, right? But, do you know, what is it? Read to find out.

In today’s world, this term is known to everyone, but very few know its full detail. Well, to be safe in this disease-prone world, it becomes crucial for us to be informative about the diseases.

Should I stay mum, just out of shame, because I am suffering from Epilepsy?

Well..this is the first question that pops my mind whenever I hear this term, which is treated as a subject of great issue, and people suffering from it are made to feel low. Well...I am not ashamed and I feel privileged to present this issue on this platform. …

We can fight Dyslexia and there is nothing to be feared.

Hello Friends, today we are gonna discuss a very special topic, so let’s begin:

Dyslexia is now not an unfamiliar name in today’s world…Many of us are aware of it, but till today, there is an associated prejudice and disgust for its fighters, primarily because they don’t act the same…

Are you too tensed about your Pimples and Acne? Then, have a Read.

Pimples and Acne are two words that I think, many of you are aware of. And it is for sure, that whoever has experienced it or is experiencing, has got a bad memory associated with it. Well, today we are gonna discuss it, so let’s get started:
What are Pimple and…

A nation's productivity and its citizens' all-around developmental growth depends on many factors, among which Mental Health is one such factor that can't be left unnoticed.

True to this belief, many countries try to strengthen this aspect, while in some other countries, they consider it as a permanent Mental Ailment…

Sneak Peek with Sakshi ✨

Blogger and a Student☺️

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