What I Learned from Four Years Working at McDonalds
Kate Norquay

Three years ago I asked a colleague about some good places to eat around my workplace. “There’s a McDonald’s, but I wouldn’t recommend it at all,” he said. I was quite surprised as McDonald’s was considered as a premium option in India.

Perhaps now I understand why eating at McDonald’s is frowned upon. It’s not the healthiest of choices. But I never understood how working at McDonald’s is considered beneath you.

Now I do.

I’ve never worked in retail or restaurants, so my experience is only as a customer. Most people I met were kind, sincere, hardworking, and really helpful. The rare occasions when I was not happy with the service was meeting someone who looked like they didn’t belong there.

Nobody wants to work in retail or restaurants for the rest of their lives. It’s a stepping stone for almost everyone. It might be a simple job, but it may not be easy. But it’s still a job that helps people stay on their feet, and those who do it deserve to be treated with the dignity and respect.